Sorry, may I pay rent tomorrow? I'm short on money
Got it. I'll be waiting
1 October
Oopsie, I forgot... I'll pay next week, promise!
5 October
No more worries
Get your payments on time, regardless of when the tenants pay
Meet the Wectory Payments
We help you to avoid any gaps between your payment day and the tenants' income. You get your money on time while the resident pays when it suits them
Simple as that
Turn on the Wectory Payments
Submit an application within our app, and sign a mutual agreement
Tenants set up
The tenant now gets an ability to create their own payment schedule. They are able to edit the day of their payments
Payment day
You receive payment on the day according to your rental agreement. The tenant has up to 3 weeks from the date of the landlord's rent obtainment
It's coming soon. For free!
Get on the list and be the first to turn it on
We're about to launch this feature for the shortlist